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by: Joost Winter (guest)
21 Dec 2021 15:46
5 by Kevin (guest)
11 Mar 2022 05:11 Jump!
Just found Kojo while searching for a tool to teach programming to my kid Asmita. Here are couple of basic scripts I created along with Asmita.
by: Abhijeet Ramdhave (guest)
13 Aug 2014 04:41
7 by jackywornejackyworne
25 Apr 2018 09:16 Jump!
My code in Kojo. Also in [ Kojo experiments on Launchpad]
by: PhiLhoPhiLho
28 Aug 2010 16:05
10 by praba (guest)
20 Jun 2013 10:15 Jump!
A straight port of the Array2D example from Processing. The most interesting part is the sq and dist methods, which should be generic enough (requires 2.8, I think) and possibly efficient (I'm not implementation-savvy in the Java environment).
by: Peter LewerinPeter Lewerin
25 Mar 2010 09:09
5 by Peter LewerinPeter Lewerin
27 Mar 2010 19:24 Jump!
Adapted from a Processing example, applies four different composed functions to sequence of radian values from 0 to pi and renders each as a grayscale gradient.
by: Peter Lewerin (guest)
24 Mar 2010 14:54
8 by lalitplalitp
26 Mar 2010 16:34 Jump!
by: Łukasz Lew (guest)
23 Mar 2010 13:10
3 by Łukasz Lew (guest)
29 Mar 2010 02:31 Jump!
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by: lalitplalitp
19 Mar 2010 20:21
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