The Kogics Foundation

The Kogics Foundation is a public charitable trust registered at Dehradun, India.

Trust Objectives
Trust Activities

Trust Objectives

The aims of the trust (as specified in the trust deed) are:

  • Educational:
    1. To use free and open source software technology, especially Kojo, the software app developed by the Managing Trustee, to improve educational outcomes.
    2. To contribute to the research and development of free and open source software, especially under the Kojo umbrella, in the area of education.
    3. To contribute to the research and development of learning material (paper books, ebooks, online books, websites, etc.) to improve educational outcomes.
    4. To promote the connection of education to the experiences and “real life” of the learner.
    5. To use statistical research for learning analytics to improve educational outcomes.
    6. To run, maintain or assist any educational or other institution for coaching, guidance, conselling, vocational training, or teacher training, or to grant individual scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students for elementary and higher education.
  • Medical – to run, maintain or assist any medical institution, nursing home or clinic or to grant assistance to needy and indigent persons for meeting the cost of medical treatment.
  • Relief of the poor – to give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms, meals, etc., for the poor and indigent and to persons suffering due to natural calamities.
  • Other objects of general public utility –
    1. To acquire property for the sole use of public good by making it available for public purposes such as housing a library, clinic, or creche, or for training classes, seminars, discourses, or other public functions for the benefit of the community in general.
    2. To undertake any other activity incidental to the above activities but which are not inconsistent with the above objects.

Trust Activities

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