Kojo coding activity based (no-prose) books

New set of books:

Getting started with Kojo
Download Book (PDF) (Version - August 6, 2018)

Introduction to Programming with Kojo
Download Book (PDF) (Version - September 18, 2018)

Older set of books:

Initial Steps in Programming with Kojo
Download Book (PDF) (Version - Sep 18, 2017)

Programming Fundamentals with Kojo
Download Book (PDF) (Version - Mar 11, 2015)

Visual Patterns with Kojo
Download Book (PDF) (Version - Sep 16, 2017)

Upcoming books:

  • Beta books
  • Gaming Fundamentals (will be based on ideas/activities related to vectors, velocity, accelaration, gravity, pictures, collisions, collision response (bouncing), collision polygons for images, image picture batches, etc.)
  • Numbers and Algorithms (will use some of the initial project Euler problems)
  • Algorithms and Data structures (will use some of the scala P99 problems)
  • Electronics with Arduino (will cover the Arduino starter kit via Kojo, plus a simple 4 wheel robot with 2 wheel drive and an obstacle sensor).
  • Picture Art
  • Stories
  • Basic statistics and analytics
  • School math related programming activities (class specific)

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