Learning Scala

Here's a sequence of links to get you started with Scala.

Note - wherever an article/book talks about using the Scala REPL to experiment with some scala code, use Kojo instead. Just copy the code into Kojo's Script Editor and hit the run button. Any console output in the code will show up in the Kojo's Output Pane.

You can use Kojo to experiment with Scala code all the way from small snippets to large programs. If you ever run into any problems while doing so, send in a problem report to ten.scigok|kcabdeef#ten.scigok|kcabdeef.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Scala Tutorial in Kojo (accesible via Help -> Scala Tutorial)
  3. Quickstart for Java Programmers (Scala for the Impatient)
  4. PINS Book (by the creator of Scala)
  5. Tour
  6. Twitter Scala School
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