Scratch Background Information

A lot of thought has been put into making Scratch a creative environment for programming and general learning. You can read more about the ideas and research behind scratch at: About Scratch.

To summarize some of the information present at the above location - Scratch helps you to:

  • Make interactive creations with dynamic, interactive media.
  • Learn mathematical and computational concepts in a fun context.
  • Learn the process of iterative and incremental design.
  • Share and collaborate with a global community.
  • Develop a deeper level of fluency with digital technology and media manipulation.

At a deeper level, Scratch helps you to learn what the folks behind Scratch call core 21st century learning skills. In other words, it helps you to learn how to keep learning continuously all your life with the help of 21st century tools. It does this by encouraging you to: think creatively, communicate clearly, analyze systematically, collaborate effectively, and design iteratively - using the Scratch rich-media, programmable, and collaborative environment.

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