The Addition Game

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Welcome to the Addition Game. If you know how to play, go for it! If not, scroll down for Help.

Game Instructions and Help

  • In the Game Panel above, you see (from top to bottom):
    • Four or more rows of Boxes, some of which contain digits:
      • The top row is for carry-overs during addition.
      • The bottom row is for the results of the addition.
      • The rows in between contain the numbers to be added.
    • A Green Status Box - that gives you helpful real-time information as you play the game.
    • A 'New Sum' Button to generate a new Addition game.
  • Each of the rows in the top half of the Game Panel has a set of Boxes. Every Box holds a single digit.
  • The color of a Box is significant:
    • An Orange Box indicates a missing digit.
    • A Red Box indicates an incorrect digit.
    • A Box with the correct contents is Blue.
    • An empty active Box is Green. The next digit that you type-in shows up in the Green box.
  • The basic goal of the addition game is to convert all the Orange Boxes to Blue. When you enter the correct digit into an Orange or Red box, it turns Blue.
  • After entering a digit, you can move to the next Box by pressing the Tab key. You can also use your Mouse to move to a different Box.
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