Tweak Java Options

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Go into $kojo/etc/kojo.conf, and modify default_options.

Add To Classpath

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Kojo allows you to experiment with any code that is written for the JVM (and is available within a jar file). To make such code available to Kojo, you need to do one of the following:

Kojo Screencasts

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This page contains screencasts about Kojo. For quick reference, here's a description of Kojo (taken from the Kojo homepage):
<p style="">
Kojo is a desktop application that runs on Windows, Linux, and the Mac.
It is a Learning Environment - with many different features that help with the exploration,
learning, and teaching of concepts in the areas of:
<li><strong>Computer Programming</strong> and <strong>Critical Thinking</strong>.</li>

The Kojo Overview Story

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Going through the Kojo overview story is a good way to get familiar with the capabilities and features of Kojo. Here's how you can view the overview story:

Kojo Quickstart

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Here's a quick way to get started with Kojo:

Kojo Quick Start Guide

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This page contains the code for the Kojo Quick Start Guide story. Copy and Paste the code below into the Kojo Script Editor, and then click the Run button to get the story going within Kojo…

Kojo Stories

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This page contains links to stories that teach you how to use Kojo, and how to do interesting things within Kojo.

Troubleshooting a Kojo Installation

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If you are having trouble installing Kojo, it is most likely because of a problem with Java on your machine. Fix this by getting the latest version of Java from the Java download page. At the time of this writing, that version is Java 8. Kojo does not yet run with Java 9 or later.

Code Exchange Help

by lalitplalitp 16 Sep 2010 04:35

The Code Exchange is a place on the web where you can upload your Kojo programs (and accompanying sketches) - at the press of a single button within Kojo.


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Kojo Ebooks

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The first Kojo ebook is out! Take a read, play along, and try to have as much fun with it as you can. The first half of the book is a bit of a user guide, so it might get a little dry at times. The second half, which contains activities for you to try out, should be a lot more fun.

Kojo Release Announcements - 1

by lalitplalitp 19 Feb 2010 17:46

Note: The latest release of Kojo is always available on the Download Page

Kojo Upgrade Instructions

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You need to follow these instructions if you were using Kojo Version 111209-4 or earlier, and have upgraded to Version 261209-1 or later.

Kalpana Club - Lesson Plans

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Lessons, in the form of Activities for kids to try out, are available on the Kojo Ebooks page.

Kojo in Education

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The Kalpana Research and Learning Center
The Kalpana Research and Learning Center (KRLC) is based on a few basic ideas:

  • Nothing can be taught, but anything can be learned. So a teacher needs to be a guide and a mentor
  • Children learn by doing, in environments that provide constructive feedback, and encourage mindful trial-and-error
  • Children learn effectively when they can relate to what they are learning
  • Self directed learning, in the form of play, is very powerful
  • Given the above, the right kind of software can radically improve the way in which children are educated

The Kojo Learning Environment

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This page has moved.

Kojo Download

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This page has moved.

The Memory Game

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The Memory Game has moved. The latest version is available at:
The Memory Game

The Memory Game - Instructions and Help

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Playing the Memory game is very simple:

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