Code Exchange Help

What is the Code Exchange?

The Code Exchange is a place on the web where you can upload your Kojo programs (and accompanying sketches) - at the press of a single button within Kojo.

How is this useful?

Uploading your programs, to a place where others can look at them, opens up a whole range of possibilities:

  • Collaborative Learning
    • You can look at, study, and learn from the work of others.
    • You can have program specific discussions with other users.
    • You can rate programs. This helps to identify Popular programs. You can then see a listing of the most Popular programs on the site.
  • Record of (best) work
    • You can see a record of your own best work, and the best work of other users (assuming that people will upload programs that they consider good).
  • Competitive Learning
    • When you upload your program, you can specify that it's an entry in an ongoing competition (the competition organizer will give you a key to punch in). Judges can then look at all the entries in the competition to determine winners.
    • This makes it possible to easily organize fun events around Kojo and programming - thereby enriching the learning experience.

Using the Code Exchange

Working with the Code Exchange is simple:

  • Fire up Kojo (you need Kojo version Beta-011010-4 or later).
  • Write some code; run it to make a sketch.
  • Upload your work (code + sketch) to the Code Exchange by clicking the rightmost button in the Script Editor Toolbar (see picture to the right).
  • Visit the Code Exchange to discuss your work.
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