Games: General Instructions

General Instructions

The game is meant to be set up by a Guide for a Player.

As a Guide:

You set up the game by:

  • Choosing how many numbers will be added.
  • Choosing the number of digits in each number.
  • Choosing a Difficulty Level (1 - Easy, 2 - Middling, 3- Hard).
  • Allocating a Time-Limit for each problem.
    • The default setting is: No Time-Limit.
    • As you choose the other parameters mentioned above, the Game automatically assigns a time-limit based on the complexity of the problem and your previous choice of time-limit. You are free to tweak this time-limit.

As a Player:

  • You try to finish each problem within the allocated time, making as few mistakes as possible.
  • After entering a digit, you can move to the next Box by pressing the Enter, Space or Tab key. You move to the previous box by pressing Shift-Enter, Shift-Space or Shift-Tab. You can also use your Mouse to move to a different Box.
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