Java Installation and Troubleshooting

Game viewing problems

First of all, make sure that you are using a supported browser and OS combination:

  • Firefox 3.x (Windows and Linux).
  • Firefox 2.x (Windows and Linux).
  • Internet Explorer 7 (Windows).
  • Internet Explorer 6 (Windows) (but please stay away from this browser version if you can!).
  • Google Chrome (Windows) (but see the note below).

The games on the Kogics website require Java-6. Java-6 update 10 or later is strongly preferred. If you don't already have Java-6 installed on your machine, you will be prompted to install it. Please go ahead and do this. This will involve:

  • Downloading the Java installer.
  • Running the Installer to install Java on your machine.

Next - restart your browser and go back to the game page. You should be able to play the game now. Enjoy!


  • You can also use Google Chrome as your browser. The only downside is that the process of setting up Java is a little more complicated. Once you have the correct version of Java installed, the games on the Kogics website should work fine with Chrome.
  • Browser/OS combinations not mentioned here might, and probably will, work - as long as Java-6 is supported. But they have not been tested.

Printing Problems

The top reasons for Printing problems are:

  • Your browser's Popup blocker. Please make sure that Popups from Kogics are enabled within your browser.
  • Use of an older version of Java (earlier than Java-6 update 10). Just update to the latest version of Java to fix this.
  • Use of a Browser/OS combination that does not support the Java/Javascript bridge. In this case, you are out of luck, and will have to do without Printing. Sorry.
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