The Kalpana Clubs

Lesson Plans

The Kalpana Club is an effort to provide kids a structured (yet flexible) environment where they can let their
imaginations roam free - and build and understand interesting things. The kids play, have fun, and work in
the following activity areas:

  • Geometry and Algebra
  • Art and Music
  • Animation

In all these activities, the computer (and specifically computer programming) is the medium of expression. Kalpana Clubs make use of The Kojo Learning Environment, a free and open source software application, to enable the activities of the club.

With the various activities within the Kalpana Club, kids get to:

  • Develop their logical and analytical thinking abilities. This kind of capability is essential for computer programming. This capability is also at the heart of mathematical problem solving.
  • Experiment with mathematical concepts by playing with mathematical objects that they create.
  • Work within teams to do projects on mathematical and scientific concepts, and their applications to the real word.
  • Do creative work and exercise their imaginations by drawing sketches and composing music on the computer.
  • Practice using computers and the Internet effectively and productively (an essential capability for the 21st century), and become familiar with some of the ideas underlying computers.
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