Kojo font size adjustment for larger screens

Kojo tries to scale up the size of its fonts and user interface based on your display resolution. If you want to adjust this size further, here's what you can do:

Short version

In the file $home/.kojo/lite/kojo.properties, change the font.increase property. Positive values for this property will make the font bigger. Negative values will make it smaller. If Kojo is running, it needs to be restarted for this change to take effect.

Longer version

  • Determine your home directory if needed. To do this, run the homeDir command in Kojo via Shift-Enter (the portion after //> will be printed by Kojo):

homeDir //> res1: String = /home/lalit

  • Go to the Kojo config directory within your home directory. This is the lite directory within the .kojo (note the leading . in the name) directory within your home directory. In other words, go into the .kojo/lite directory within your home directory.
  • Open up, in an editor of your choice (like Notepad or vi), the file named kojo.properties within the Kojo config directory:
  • Uncomment (by deleting the leading #) the font.increase line in this file:

# font.increase=2

  • If you want bigger fonts, make the font.increase a positive number (the larger the number, the bigger the fonts):


  • If you want smaller fonts, make the font.increase a negative number (the larger the absolute value of the number, the smaller the fonts:


  • After you are done, save the file. If Kojo is running, restart it to pick up the change.
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