Kojo - Mac Release Notes


  • After an upgrade from an earlier version of Kojo, always make sure (via the Help -> About box) that you're running the expected version. If you're not, the older version of Kojo is probably interfering with the new version (this can happen, very rarely, when jar file names change in the Kojo lib directory). In such a case, just uninstall and then reinstall Kojo.

Known Issues

  • The dmg installer might be reported to be damaged when you try to open it. Follow these instructions to fix the issue.
  • The jar (Unix) installer does not install any shortcuts to launch Kojo, so this has to be done manually. After installing Kojo, navigate over to the bin directory (under wherever you installed Kojo), and drag the kojo script to the right corner of the Dock to permanently add it there.
  • If you are using the jar (Unix) installer, you can use a shell script to control your version of Java.
  • Ctrl+Space is the default key combination within Kojo for activating code completion. But this key combination is owned by the Spotlight App. In this scenario, you have two options to activate code completion:
    • Map the Spotlight App to a different key combination like Cmd+Space (via Systems Preferences -> Keyboard -> KeyboardShortcuts -> Spotlight). Then you can use Ctrl+Space within Kojo.
    • Use Ctrl+Alt+Space to activate code completion (this key combination is also supported by Kojo).
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