Kojo - Unix Release Notes


  • Kojo has been tested only with Oracle's distribution of Java. If you are using OpenJDK, Kojo should mostly work, but be aware that Kojo has seen very little testing in this environment. Use the Oracle JRE for Kojo if you can.
  • After an upgrade from an earlier version of Kojo, always make sure (via the Help -> About box) that you're running the expected version. If you're not, the older version of Kojo is probably interfering with the new version (this can happen, very rarely, when jar file names change in the Kojo lib directory). In such a case, just uninstall and then reinstall Kojo.


  • You can modify the version of Java used by Kojo by going into the Kojo install directory, and editing the kojo and webkojo scripts under the bin directory.

Known Issues

  • When you install a new version of Kojo, make sure that you uncheck the option to install Shortcuts. If you keep the Shortcut option checked, new Kojo shortcuts will be added to your Desktop (instead of the old ones being replaced).
  • If you see a 'Failed to change to directory' message when you launch Kojo via the Kojo-Desktop icon, edit your desktop link (by right-clicking the icon and opening a link editor, or by going into your ~/Desktop folder and manually editing the link file there) and specify "." as the working directory.
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