Kojo - Windows Release Notes


  • After an upgrade from an earlier version of Kojo, always make sure (via the Help -> About box) that you're running the expected version. If you're not, the older version of Kojo is probably interfering with the new version (this can happen, very rarely, when jar file names change in the Kojo lib directory). In such a case, just uninstall and then reinstall Kojo.

Known Issues

  • If you use a 32 bit JRE on 64 bit Windows, the Kojo-Web shortcut will not work for you. To fix this, start Notepad as an administrator, Click on File->Open, go over to the Kojo install directory, and open bin\webkojo.cmd. On the second like of this file, change javaws to C:\Windows\SysWoW64\javaws
  • On 64 bit Windows 7, if you uninstall Kojo, you might see a Program Compatibility warning right at the end of the uninstallation. You can safely ignore the warning.
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