Kojo and Anti-virus tools

You are here because an anti-virus tool warned you that Kojo might contain a virus.

First of all, be assured that Kojo is virus free. Kojo is an open source App (which means that it's source code is available for inspection). It is built on Linux (a virus free environment), and runs on the Java Virtual Machine (a secure execution environment). Last but not least, Kojo installers are available via a secure web connection (https), and cannot be tampered with during a download.

The following are Virustotal reports for Kojo (after a scan with 68 popular anti-virus tools):
Kojo Installer Anti-virus Report
Kojo Launcher Anti-virus Report

So what's the best way to proceed? There are a couple of options:

  • If you are comfortable doing so, add Kojo as an exception to your anti-virus tool and move forward with installing and running Kojo.
  • Or just use the Cross Platform Kojo installer.

Also, please report the name of your anti-virus tool and the text of the virus warning message to us, so that we can take this up with the anti-virus vendor (to enable them to white-list us for the future).

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